Thirty logos


candy shop name sweets 

they wanted the logo to fit on a sign

be fun popy and colorfull

Twitchy rabbit

email services like mail chimp i renewsd their mascot and combined it with the text


app that lets you chosse color pallets and use them however you want

i gave it a clean and modern look

The Grind

coffe shop brand with young and cool vibes

they didnt want to have any green or brown in the logo

Sword and shiled

anivirus company

the logo is clean and hi tec and it keep itself flowey and dynamic


knife company i made the logo simple with a dratic cut to play on the sharpness of the logo


online subscription service that provide items for pupies

the logo needed to include dog icons in it 


clothing store inspired by the sea and recycled metrials i made the logo with fun and yet warm colors i avoided the red and white that usally goes with sea inspariton (lighthouse) and gave it a cool one line logo

Austin Run

Annual run that take place in austin i want it to have texas reference in the logo and be fast and dynamic in feel

1-800 Rosebud

flower shop with the number in the name of the logo

i made it a modern colorfull logo so the long name will bkend nicely

Book Worm

book shop i wanted to make almost like a comic to make it appear fun and inviting


app like skype that allow you multiscreen share 

the only limit was that they didnt want any blue logo

i played a bit with the letters untill i got to this clean result

JJ Pizza

a pizzeria the wanted their logo to be revamp

i made it one line art but gave it a character because the pizzeria is and old establishment so i balanced the logo between modern to parsonel

Wild Life

wild life preservation organization

i made the logo out of hands make a sillouhte of a cheetah to show that it is in our hands


gaming news site 

they ask for the logo to also work on dark background and have fire elements