T-shirt Printing Product design

My finals project at Bezalel I decided to look for a way to reimagine fast fashion.

it started with a look at what is currently happening in the market and what solution is out there. I decided to focus on the client-side rather than the eco side at the manufacturing. for that, I created a series of machine that is easy to use and print with. the idea is making the customer part of the process and conceded to the final product and also give the option to upgrade an old shirt instead of throwing it out.

as part of the project I created a graphic design language and a website you can find here

wood, cotton, acrylic paints, laser-cut

 AutoCAD rendering

_dsc6259 (1).jpg

rocking table

made inspired by the pour art the concept of printing is letting the user play with live paint that run along the surface he can control the direction of the color but to a degree 

Project 2.gif
מתנדנד 4.gif

String table

the print happens when you squeeze a string loaded with color between the shirt and a plank. when you pull the string through one of the holes it leaves a print everywhere he was placed.the random part is from the placing of the string and his path when he is pulled he can pull some fabric around to create random and varied prints

Project 3.gif

Squeegee table

inspired b screen printing I decided to give up the screen part and leave a squeegee on a set rail the paint smear will always face the same way the different prints will come from how strong or fast the user pull the squeegee and where the paint is placed and how much of it

the set movement of the squeegee leaves the user to focus on the color rather than the action itself

Project 4.gif

Spray table

like stencil art, the spray table works the same but instead of working on the stencil you play around with different boards with basic shapes and pattern and some are just shapes 

through the placement of the different boards on different heigets, you create a new pattern the play is with where you block and where you open the paths of the spray paint and the basic shapes allows you the feel free to experiment and play around

ספרי 6.gif

Stepping table

whats more simple than walking? thats is the user body is the tool here the frame is just the place to do it

by making a frame with stretchy fabric and placing planks to the bottom side I made a steeping ground that p squeeze paint on the shirt and make the user the tool and creator